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My Top 100 Spotify Tracks of 2017

My Spotify Top 100 Songs in 2017 List

My “The Ones That Got Away” in 2017 List

Stats from my Spotify Top Songs in 2017
I spent 17577 minutes listening to 846 different songs by 298 different artists in 21 genres and only skipped 3 songs all year.

2018 goal: Be self aware
Top artist: In This Moment
“My” song: Oh Lord by In This Moment
Top genre: Nu Metal

Top Artists:

  • In This Moment
  • Paula Cole
  • Halestorm
  • Britney Spears
  • Chris de Burgh

Top Songs:

  • Oh Lord
  • Salvation
  • Lost At Sea
  • Half God Half Devil
  • Witching Hour

Top Genres:

  • Nu Metal
  • Alternative Metal
  • Post-grunge
  • Rap Metal
  • New Wave Pop

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My Top 20 Tracks of May 2017

What a fun month I had musically. LOL! A couple of full albums listened to on repeat, as well as the creation of a fanmix I’m doing for a fannish exchange elsewhere, so A LOT of listening to the tracks for said mix to figure out the best order and such.

Oh, and the double inclusion of the Chumbawumba song is because it’s two different versions, and counts them separately. *shrugs*

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My Top 20 Tracks of April 2017

Well, April ended up with a very eclectically grouped set of songs, and that’s putting it mildly. I had a trip in the first half of April, which accounted for the 4 full runs of the Hamilton soundtrack [2 times through on both the train trip there & back]. The HUGE amount of plays for the Chumbawumba track came from 2 different situations: first was my 5k on said trip [it was my motivation to complete the 5k] and a big cleaning spree in my kitchen last week. That song is very much a HUGE motivator for me to keep going. The unusually high amount of nature sounds is because of my trip, as well. I’d forgotten the little speaker for my ancient iPod, so had to use my Spotify to find other similar tunes to listen to so I could sleep at night. LOL

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My Top 20 Tracks of February 2017

So I had a relatively light music month again. Mostly I just had other stuff distracting me, between the power outage and watching a lot of movies. But I enjoyed the music I did listen to, and I actually found a couple of “Daily Mix” playlists made for me on Spotify that introduced me to a few new artists, so I’m okay with that.

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My Top 20 Tracks of January 2017

This is something that I’ve been doing over on Swap-Bot for several years now. In a nutshell, you keep track of the top 20 songs you’ve listened to in a given month. I track mine via

Well, this month was a little different…

First off, I hardly listened to any music all month, which is weird in and of itself. And then I did most of my listening on my ancient iPod while on a trip to Oregon the middle of the month, and that’s too old to scrobble properly. I don’t remember what I’d listened on the train trip down to visit my family, but I know what I listened to on the way home. Because they don’t show up in my, I basically included them in my “Honorable Mentions” section below.

And for once, I don’t think I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack at all. Unless that’s what I listened to on the trip down to see my family.

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