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All readings will be completed within 48 hours of payment notification via Paypal. If this is not possible, you will be informed by email at the address listed on your Paypal payment. For more information on purchasing a reading, please fill out the feedback box below.

When you choose your reading, please include the following information in the notes:

  • Email address to send the reading to, particularly if you want it sent to a different address than your paypal email address.
  • Name of reading you want.
  • Deck/set you want for the reading.
  • Your question if you have one for the reading in question.

The Decks/Sets Available

The Spreads Available for any deck/runes
Note: If there is a spread you’d like me to use that isn’t on this list, please feel free to leave a comment, beginning a dialogue about the use of said spread for your reading.

  • 1 Question – 1 Card – $3
    Pretty much what it says. This reading gives you a quick bit of insight to a specific question. It can also be used as a “What does the Universe what me to focus on right now?” reading.
  • Past, Present, Future Spread – $10
    This reading can be related to a specific question/situation/person or what the Universe wants you to know/work on.
  • Do or Do Not Spread, aka the Yoda Spread – $10
    This reading revolves around a specific question or situation, telling you what you should and shouldn’t do to resolve the situation.
  • Quick Assessment Spread – $10
    A quick assessment of how you’re doing physically, mentally, and spiritually, either regarding a specific situation or in general. Alternately, this can be used to give you ideas of what to focus on in these three areas.
  • Message from the Universe Spread – $15
    A quick assessment of the situation at hand and how it will affect your body, mind, heart, and spirit. This will then allow you the opportunity to determine how to focus on the situation at hand with a more informed approach.
  • Personal Star Spread – $20
    This was initially created to be a 6-card “get to know you” spread. It has evolved into also offering a snapshot of your life right now, including any issues you should be contemplating.

Spreads specific to the Shaman Wisdom Cards
While these spreads can be done with the other decks/runes, they were specifically created for, and listed in the booklet for, this deck.

  • Taking the Sacred Path Spread – $10
    This spread tells you where you’re at on your path, either for a specific situation or in general. It can also be used to help you decide between two choices in a given situation.
  • Following Your Path – One Week Spread – $20
    This 7-card spread gives you information for each day over the course of a single week. Use this spread for guidance when planning your work week, your personal life, or your spiritual growth.
  • Following Your Path – One Year Spread – $35
    This 12-card spread gives you information for each month over the course of a single year. Use this spread for guidance when planning a one year period, as if from one birthday to the next, for your career, your personal life, or your spiritual growth.

Standard Disclaimer:
In accordance with the law, all divinatory readings are for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

I do not provide advice or treatment of a legal, financial, or medical nature. This reading is not a substitute for proper assistance of a legal, financial, medical, or therapeutic manner. Muses Mountain and Dark Avalon Divinations are not responsible or liable for any action or outcome, whether yours or those of another person, based on the information given in your reading. I promise that I will do everything in my power to give you the best reading I can. Use the information for your reading as you choose to, but please remember I am the conduit/messenger, not the source of the information given.

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