My Top 20 Tracks of April 2017

Well, April ended up with a very eclectically grouped set of songs, and that’s putting it mildly. I had a trip in the first half of April, which accounted for the 4 full runs of the Hamilton soundtrack [2 times through on both the train trip there & back]. The HUGE amount of plays for the Chumbawumba track came from 2 different situations: first was my 5k on said trip [it was my motivation to complete the 5k] and a big cleaning spree in my kitchen last week. That song is very much a HUGE motivator for me to keep going. The unusually high amount of nature sounds is because of my trip, as well. I’d forgotten the little speaker for my ancient iPod, so had to use my Spotify to find other similar tunes to listen to so I could sleep at night. LOL

01. Chumbawamba — Mary Mary [Stigmata Mix] [37]
02. OBC Hamilton soundtrack [whole album] [4]
03. Mike & The Mechanics – Let Me Fly [whole album] [3]
**Note: The track “Are You Ready?” was played an extra time for a total of 4, but I decided to just lump it into the album’s 3 total plays.**
04. The KLF – The White Room [whole album] [3]
05. Nature Sounds Artists – Thunder: With Ocean Waves & Soft Rains, Thunderstorm, Thunder Sounds, Sounds of Thunder, Nature Sounds [whole album] [3]
06. Nicolas Croll – Storm 4 – Ambient [3]
07. Spirit Of Saturn – Ambient Rain Yoga [2]
08. Rain for Deep Sleep – Distant Storm [2]
09. Ambient Rain – Gratifying Storm Pouring Rain Sounds [2]
10. Sounds of Nature White Noise for Mindfulness – Large Thunderstorm at Sea with High Winds, Ocean Waves, Rain and Big Thunder Cracks [2]
11. Nature Sounds Relaxation: Music for Sleep, Meditation, Massage Therapy, Spa – Nature Sounds – California Ocean Waves, Rain and Gentle Thunder Storms for Meditation [2]
12. Imogen Heap – Neglected Space [2]
13. Kansas – On The Other Side [2]
14. Metallica – One [2]
15. Finnolia Sound Effects – Rain and Thunder Ambience (Raining Storm Lightning Rainy Weather Horror Halloween) [Background Ambient Noise Sound Effect] [2]
16. Ambient Rain Sounds – Rain Storm Sounds [2]
17. Nicolas Croll – Storm 1 – Ambient [2]
18. Nicolas Croll – Storm 2 – Ambient [2]
19. Wave Sound Group – Storm Sea [2]
20. Fade Away Sleep Sounds – Thunder Rain Storm (Ambient Sound) [2]

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