Simone Baptiste theories

This is an initial outline about the character Simone Baptiste from the TV series Damien, with bare bones details added in.  I will be expanding on this information as the series continues, based on the extant canon information presented in the show and interviews, as well as the research I conduct into the Christ mythos.


  1. info to come

Other connections

  1. Simone is the mother of the Christ child of the Second Coming. [cf. Ann Rutledge]
    Possible father is Damien.

Christ mythos parallels

  1. Christ
    Based on the vision she saw in episode 01×03, “The Deliverer”, it is possible that she is the second coming of Christ.
  2. Simon Peter
    Based on her first name, she could become Damien’s greatest disciple and the leader of his future church/movement. [cf. Ann Rutledge]
  3. John the Baptist
    Primarily a consideration due to her last name, but likely a huge long shot.

Canon information

  1. Sister to Kelly Baptiste.