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I was born on 4 December 1969, which makes me a Sagittarius with Libra moon & Scorpio ascendant. But I was born like 3-odd weeks early, or so I’m told, so I need to look into the variations for a cusping Capricorn yet. At 10 years old, I knew I was at least bisexual, and that there was more for me than conventional Christianity. So eventually I came out to my family: In 1994 as a pagan & in 1995 as a lesbian. I interchangeably call myself either pagan or witch, and follow an eclectic solitary tradition. Despite the “chic-ness” of how it sounds, mine is a rather personalized path, currently more fluid than rigid, and will quite possibly stay that way. I’ve come to feel that life is more fluid than rigid, so I believe it’s better to ‘go with the flow’ than try to hold back the flood.

I currently live in a fabulous house in Bremerton, Washington, with Doggie, my Evil Partner In Crime [aka EPIC], Amy the roomie, and our 4 cats. Eventually I’ll resurrect the old BCR site, so that the menagerie can be seen, but for now we have…

Cats: Leo, ‘Stasia, Gabe, Elphaba
Leo’s cat code : DM Bd Y 3.5 Y L- W- C+++ I+++ T+ A+ E— H+ S+ V+ F+ Q++ P B+ PL+
Stasia’s cat code : DL B+W G 2.2 X L+ W++ C+++ I+++ T- A- E+++ H S+ V+ F- Q P B PL+
Gabe’s cat code : DS (B+G)t+W H 0.3 Y++ L- W C+++ I++++ T++ A+ H+ S+ V++ F Q P B PA+ PL+
Elphaba’s cat code: DS B G .7 X++ L– W- C+++ I++ T A++ E++ H+ S+ V+ Q+ P+ B- PA+ PL+

More to come soon…

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