My Top 20 Tracks of January 2017

This is something that I’ve been doing over on Swap-Bot for several years now. In a nutshell, you keep track of the top 20 songs you’ve listened to in a given month. I track mine via

Well, this month was a little different…

First off, I hardly listened to any music all month, which is weird in and of itself. And then I did most of my listening on my ancient iPod while on a trip to Oregon the middle of the month, and that’s too old to scrobble properly. I don’t remember what I’d listened on the train trip down to visit my family, but I know what I listened to on the way home. Because they don’t show up in my, I basically included them in my “Honorable Mentions” section below.

And for once, I don’t think I listened to the Hamilton soundtrack at all. Unless that’s what I listened to on the trip down to see my family.


01. Blue Man Group — Up to The Roof [feat. Tracy Bonham] [4]
02. Erik Hassle — Amelia [2]
03. Halestorm — ReAniMate 3.0: The CoVeRs eP [whole album] [2]
04. Britney spears — If U Seek Amy [2]
05. Dragonland — The Neverending Story [2]
06. The Manhattan Transfer — Mecca For Moderns [whole album] [1]
07. Christina Perri — A Thousand Years – feat. Steve Kazee [Part 2] [1]
08. In This Moment — All For You [1]
09. Garbage — Amends [1]
10. Led Zeppelin — Babe I’m Gonna Leave You [1]
11.Nicki Minaj — Bed of Lies (feat. Skylar Grey) [1]
12. Led Zeppelin — Black Dog [1]
13. Fleetwood Mac — Mirage [whole album] [1]
14. The Script — Broken Arrow [1]
15. Tracy Bonham — Bulldog [1]
16. Coil — Closer – Unrecalled [1]
17. Marilyn Manson — Cupid Carries a Gun [1]
18. Katy Perry — Dark Horse [1]
19. Kansas — Fight Fire With Fire [1]
20. Kygo — Firestone [1]

Honorable Mention
Peter Gabriel — Passion: Music For the Last Temptation of Christ [whole album] [1]
Peter Buffet — Spirit [whole album] [1]
Book of Mormon OBC Sndtrk [whole album] [2]

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