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[30DoG] Day 2: What technology are you grateful for?

You know what? I was about to repeat my answer from the last time I did this, then I realized that there’s actually another piece of technology that I am more grateful for than my computer, phone, tablet, and iPod.

It’s my cpap. I’ve had it about a year and a half now and it has helped me so much in that time. I still bitch about it from time to time, but it’s important to me and it helps me sleep.

This is part of the 30 Days of Gratitude meme.

[30DoG] Day 1: What smell are you grateful for today?

Today I am grateful for the smell of the waters of Puget Sound. There’s a specific scent they can get as we turn toward the winter months that makes me feel calmer and centered in my own skin. It’s a smell I wish I could bottle for future sniffing.

This is part of the 30 Days of Gratitude meme.

[30DoL] Day 1: Top 10 places you wish to visit in your lifetime

The top 10 places I wish to visit in my lifetime?  Okay, let’s see what we have here.  And please note that this list will be pretty much the first 10 that come to mind, as there are lots of places I’d love to visit.  And yes, if there’s a way to collect a bottle of water from any of them for my juju collection, I will make sure it happens.

  1. Therra, aka Santorini
    I have wanted to visit this place for as long as I can remember.  For me, this is the location of Atlantis, and I have long wanted to go there for very personal and spiritual reasons.
  2. The Oracle at Delphi
    If I get to Santorini, I’ll also get to the location of the Oracle at Delphi.  These two really are very closely tied for me on a spiritual level.
  3. Chalice Well & Glastonbury Tor
    Oh yes, this site is VERY high on my “must visit” list.  Again, this is for spiritual reasons.  And no, I won’t deny that it’s partially because of Mists of Avalon.
  4. Stonehenge
    If I’m in the UK for Chalice Well and Glastonbury Tor, I’m going to Stonehenge, too.  This is just a given, y’all…
  5. Hatley Castle, Victoria, BC, Canada
    To be fair, I’ve been to Hatley Castle before.  I just really want to go there again.  Not only has it been used in a bunch of movies & TV shows, including my beloved Poltergeist: the Legacy, but it’s also just a gorgeous location.
  6. Hawaii
    Yeah, I’ve wanted to visit Hawaii for years now.  I want to swim with the dolphins and the sea turtles, among other things.  Plus?  I want to see the volcanoes, okay?
  7. Australia & New Zealand
    Oh yes, please!  I don’t care that there are more things there that could kill me than I want to think about.  I just really want to go see how beautiful it is.
  8. Victoria Falls
    I will admit that, as a child, my first connection to this waterfall was an obsession with Victoria Principal and anything that bore her name.  I was like 8yo and she was one of my first big celeb obsessions, okay?  But I also want to see it because I have a strong connection to waterfalls in general.
  9. Niagara Falls
    Another major waterfall that I’d love to see.  I seriously have a thing for waterfalls, and this is one of the biggies that I’ve always been fascinated by.
  10. Cahokia Mounds State Historical Site
    The mounds at Cahokia fascinate me endlessly.  The novels written by Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear about them and the people who lived there are some of my favorites to read.

This is part of the 30 Days of Lists meme.

30 Days of Lists

Yep, we’re going to give this whole posting regularly thing a try again. Hopefully this time, it’s better than the last time we tried and I’ll just recycle that last attempt in November again.

So this time, it’s a bunch of lists. Nice and simple to ease back into blogging daily again.  And who knows?  I might get some ideas for actual blog posts…

There will be a few days that I prepare ahead of time this month, because I’ll be out of town and won’t necessarily have access to a computer to post it in a timely manner.

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Would You Rather…

This was something I answered for a swap I did, and I had so much fun with it, I thought I’d share the answers with y’all…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Would You Rather…

Drop your favorite book in the toilet -or- watch it fall into the wood chipper?
You know what? I was going to say toilet, but changed my mind. I’d rather drop it in the wood chipper, because I can buy a new copy for myself AND the shredded book can become compost.

Read only 1 book a year but remember everything -or- read 100 books a year and remember nothing?
Yeah, I’d rather remember what I read, so I’ll go with the one book option. Unless it’s a shitty book I’ve been given… LOL

Read only the first page of a book -or- read only the last page?
First page only. I need to be hooked and interested, not spoiled…

Get locked in a Library -or- locked in a bookstore?
While both have their merits, I’d prefer the library, as there’s more than just books there to work with.

Read a book with a cliffhanger ending -or- read a book with a heartbreaking ending?
Screw cliffhanger endings! I actually tend to despise those with a white hot passion that is hotter than the sun. Gimme some tears and a solid final ending.

Read an awesome book -or- watch a movie?
Honestly, it depends on the book and movie. But for the most part, I have preferred books to the movie adaptations, so I guess I’ll say the book for now.

read only series -or- only stand alones?
This is predicated by how much money and time I have. If I have enough of both, series. If not, then I’ll go with standalones, as they’re easier to consume in the long run.

Professional reviewer -or- famous author?
Famous author, hands down. I have so many stories I want to tell people…

Favorite book become a movie -or- tv show?
I’ve had both happen and it’s a toss-up. Movies are usually more finite and able to stick to the canon of the books, whereas TV shows can run way off-canon, as it were. But TV shows have more of their own extant canon to work with… Honestly, I really can’t choose here…

Would you rather your eyeballs be located next to your bellybutton -or- have to quote Scarlett O’ Hara 10 every day?
A bellybutton view of the world could be interesting. And far less painful than anything to do with Gone with the Wind.

40 Questions Meme…

Okay, so I’m going to use this meme from FB as a way to ease back into posting over here.

And FTR, the list is somehow missing numbers 24 & 25, so this actually works out to 38 questions total. *shrugs*

  1. Are you named after someone?
    My mom’s two favorite characters from Little Women.
  2. When is the last time you cried?
    It was recent, that’s all I can remember atm…
  3. Do you like your handwriting?
    Sometimes. It depends on how sloppy it’s gotten.
  4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
    Olive loaf.
  5. How many kids do you have?
    4 — Leo [14], Stasia [13], Gabe [10], & Elphie [8].
  6. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?
    Probably? It depends on what I’d be like as that other person.
  7. Do you use sarcasm?
    Do you breathe?
  8. Do you still have your tonsils?
  9. Would you bungee jump?
    Probably not.
  10. What is your favorite cereal?
    Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries
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