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State of the AJ — July 2016

I used to do these posts over on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth a lot, then I just kind of slacked off.  The last time I did one of these posts anywhere was in April of 2014.  I won’t try to update every single thing that’s happened since then, but I’ll hit some of the major points.

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Dark Avalon Divination hits Etsy!

All of the readings available with Dark Avalon Divination are now offered in our Etsy store, Muses Mountain. You can find them in the Dark Avalon Divination section of the store.

To celebrate this occasion, we are offering a Summer Blowout Sale. Everything in the Muses Mountain store is 50% off from now until 31 August 2015. When you make your purchase, use the 2015SUM50 coupon code.