Mind-blowing Dream I Had…

Had one of the most intense dreams of my life during my 2ish hr nap today. I honestly felt like I was awake, but I KNEW I was sleeping, too.

It started out with Doggie driving me to this gorgeous mansion for some sort of interview. I knocked on the door, then walked in, like I’d been instructed. Directly in front of me, ~10 ft away, was a gorgeous staircase leading to an upper floor. To my right was a sitting room with one of those “full wall” open entries. To my left and about 10 ft in front of me was a normal open doorway to a kitchen. We went into the sitting room, where Doggie sat down and pulled out her tablet, getting ready to wait for me to do my interview. I walked over to the wall of windows to gaze out at the ocean down below the mansion [it was definitely a mansion at this point].

After a few minutes of watching the waves, I realized that I hadn’t heard anyone’s voice yet, so I headed past Doggie to go into the foyer again and called out, “Hello? I’m here for my–” and got cut off when I saw movement coming from the kitchen. Glancing over, I saw a tiger, the size of a large dog [so we’ll say Rottweiler-sized — Fuck you! It’s my dream and it’s valid, okay?], being chased by two lionesses of roughly the same size. So Hellhound-sized big cats. I squeaked as I saw them and the tiger turned and saw me, then one of the lionesses came racing toward me and leapt up on me like a happy dog when its master comes home.

As I’m lying there getting happily accosted by this lioness [and these cats were adults by stature, but acted like a weird cross between a dog and a housecat], wondering if I’m going to die before I get this interview, a man appears in the kitchen doorway and calls off the lioness [if she had a name, I’ve since forgotten it]. He helped me stand up and apologized for the lioness’ behavior.

Y’all, the closest approximation to describing him that I can work with is Santa Claus and an overweight Dionysus all rolled up into one. Just work with me here. I ended up referring to him in my thoughts in the dream as “Inspiration Santa.” Srsly, just work with me here.

So Inspiration Santa beckons me to follow him into the kitchen, then calls for Doggie to come join us. He guides us through the kitchen to another room that was probably 15 ft by 25 ft in size. Along one long wall [the one with the door], there were a couple of couches and recliners. These would switch back and forth between people sitting on recliners or couches as the dream progressed. The far short wall was also floor to ceiling windows. Opposite the couches/recliners was a large television, one that was entirely too large for the room, yet worked perfectly. Between these walls, right up against the windows was a loveseat. Inspiration Santa specifically guided me to the loveseat, while Doggie sat in one of the recliners behind and to the left of me. It was at this point that I realized my friend Lil was on the couch directly behind me, and there was a third lady there, on Doggie’s left, but I’ve no idea who she was [either in the dream or awake].

The Hellhound cats kept coming over for my attention, when they weren’t going after Inspiration Santa’s, and then one solid black jaguar about the size of a medium-sized dog came over and bounced up onto the loveseat next to me and started playing, rolling over to show me his belly, and acting like a combination of my Elphie and Gabe. Inspiration Santa was tossing little trinkets at all four of us, some looked and felt like large marbles [1.5-2″ across] and some were other shapes, but still able to be easily held in the palm of a woman’s hand. He came over to me to give me another of these large marbles and, as I went to put it in the pocket of my pants, he leaned in to whisper, “You have another gift in there because [name of muse/character that I knew in the dream, but have forgotten now, but was something like Daisha] found something very important.” I smiled in recognition, felt very honored that I had clearly impressed him.

He let us talk a bit to each other, so I got to chat with Lil for a bit, then he started a movie that he said he wanted all of us to watch and that we had to pay close attention to it. Being in the front of the group, I had the best view of the TV, but could see him sitting in his chair by the dining room table on the opposite side of the room, the Hellhound cats cavorting for him when they weren’t coming to see me. The movie started [and no, I don’t remember anything about it, it could have been a fucking infomercial for all I know] and I got sucked into it to an extent, playing with the jaguar.

The next thing I know, LizMitch is sitting next to me on the loveseat and giving me another of these trinkets like Inspiration Santa did. She’s very soft around the edges to look at, like she’s not quite real [so y’know, status quo ;)], and she talks softly in my ear. Like she’s close enough that I can feel her lips brush my hair and her breath waft past my skin. Within a like a couple dozen words, she’s suddenly speaking telepathically to me, yet I can still feel her lips moving against my ear. She’s giving me all of these inspirational ideas, and I realize she’s a fucking MUSE! Even as she’s talking to me, I can feel her kissing me and practically feeling me up, despite neither of us actually moving, so this is clearly some sort of musely seduction [I didn’t resist, duh!].

The only inspiration she gave me that I remember upon waking up is “You must do the thing that will fulfill all of your life’s dreams, but it will break your father’s heart and kill him.”

After that, the movie and the surroundings came back to me. Like I’d completely blanked out everything around me while she was whispering in my ear and my mind. Inspiration Santa looked inordinately pleased with himself, and LizMitch was gone, replaced by the jaguar again. The other three were opening gifts they clearly had gotten from Inspiration Santa, like literal giftwrapped boxes, and didn’t even act like I had had this visitation from the LizMitch muse. Inspiration Santa winked at me and nodded, indicating that I had passed whatever interview I was there for and that I should head the LizMitch muse.

And then I woke up…

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